5 Tips to Save More Money

Sometimes it's hard to save to start saving money but you missing a lot without a saving. Difficult to find a simple to save money and how to use that saving to hit your goals. I'm Gonna show you step by step using this guide how to develop your method of savings money.

1. Collect your Data by recording your expenses

Collect your Data by recording your expenses

This first thing you need to do is you need to know how much you're spending. For one month, keep  a record of  your spend. Meas Every single thing you bought, every newspaper food everything for the entire month. Once You collect all this data, keep it organized by category -- for example, groceries, petrol...

2. Make a budget

Make a budget

Now when you have a good idea of what you you're spends are in a month, you can make a plan of your spending, limit overspending and make sure that you keep money away in a emergency fun. Remember to add expenses that happen regularly,but not every month like car maintenance or fixing a phone.

3. Set reasonable savings goals.

Set reasonable savings goals.

set a savings goals makes it very easy to get started. starting with how long it will take to reach each goal: 

- Emergency Fund to cover 6 month to a year of living expenses (In case of you lost your job or other problems)

- Save Money for vacation  and have more fun.

- Save Money to get new car.

- Save money to invest.

- Save money to build house or to redisgn your current house.

Start Cutting expenses Now!

- Unsubscribe from other services or packages that you're not using.

- Sell any electronic or items that unused.

Find cheaper house

Eat for cheap or start cooking at home.

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