4 Reasons Make You Sick on Vacation

Here are some reasons make you sick during vacation and some tips can keep you healthy, happy, and enjoying your time

1. Less Sleeping!


Waking up early as well as staying out to late.That means reducing the normal sleeping hour this can depress your immunity and make your more vulnerable to get sick on vacation.Taking a nap for 30 minutes is a perfect way to balance your energy ,rest your body and not feeling dizzy.

2. One More? Drinking more than usal

One More? Drinking more than usal

Most of the people on vacation tends to drink more until they get lost. Before you sip your next drink remember the effects on your body, and the hangovers on the next morning and how much you can miss because of that. Make sure you eat well before consuming alcohol, and alternate drink with water. Avoid exceeding the limits because of it's vacation.

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